Lebe Dein Leben
Deiner Wahl

Live the Life of
Your Choosing

You live with a deep wish inside of you. Since many month or even years. You tried everything, even ignoring it. But your wish stays unchanged with you. How long do you want to live on without going after what you really want? How much time is left? Do you want to say at the end of your life: „If i would have done this...“?

Your life is right here right now. It is never the right moment, if you wait for the right moment. What brings you ahead is your choosing to start now. Today! 

Make your dreams to the your real life!

My wish is to see you going from your inner strong wish to living it as a real experience in your true life. I know that every true wish inside of you has a lot of power in it. You can use excatly this power to change yourself and your life. Everything you need is already inside of you. You have your own Perpetuum Mobile from the moment you start it. You will be astonished, how much energy and power you have, if you start going after your true inner wishes and dreams. Your life awaits you already.

Your Wishes are your inner Driving force

If you are sitting in your normal life, which mostly just happened to you, than it seems that it is nearly impossible to reach for a life of your choosing. It feels like you need to walk by foot from Canada to Mexico with 5 suitcases. The result is: You are not doing one step to get ahead. You stay stuck in your normal life, but you feel, you are build for something else. You want to live different. You normal life progresses surely, but not in the direction, where you want to go.

The key to your dream life is very near. It is inside of you. Inside of you is your calling and all the wisdom and power you need to follow your heart.

Here you get in touch with people like you, that all move into their dream life and support each other on the way. People that have a dream and a strong inner wish to make this come true. Most people don‘t allow themselves to live freely. It is so much easier to dream about it. But this does not fulfill you.


Keystones of the
FreeSoul Coaching

I have done these steps many times in my life and live a life that is unimagineable for many people. I earn good money, sleep enough without a bell, have free time and live where i want to be. That means in my case i like to live above 20 degrees. Below 12 degrees is unacceptable for me.

So i invite you to walk the steps into your dream life. It is easier than you think and here you get everything you need to do it. A Coach, that believes in you and your dreams, has your back and helps you to align your inner wish with the so called reality. Basically you need 3 simple steps:


Wir klären genau Dein Ziel, Deinen Wunsch, Deine Realität, die Du in Deinem Leben erschaffen möchtest. Denn wenn Du nicht weißt, wo Du hin willst, bringt Dir auch kein Ferrari etwas, um da auch anzukommen. Erst mit dem klaren Ziel vor Augen, kannst Du auch ankommen, wo Du hin willst.


With your clear aim awakens the decision inside of you to achieve this aim, to create this reality and to experience it as your true life. With the decision you start your inner motor, that is there for you to drive you whereever you want.


If you have your clear aim and the decision to achieve it, then naturally follow the steps to get there.


I am big fan of the Law of Attraction and Meditation, but i know for sure that visualizing and meditation alone won‘t bring you to your aim. It takes a lot of real steps in the real world, to create a new reality and life. But on the way to it, every step is a visible step nearer your aim.

Or in other words: If you want to travel, you need to leave your house.


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I am happy to get to know you!