Lebe Dein Leben
Deiner Wahl

Live the Life of
Your Choosing

SelfMade Reality

YOU create your own Reality all by yourself

Welcome Master of your Reality.

You know you create your own reality all by yourself, don‘t you?
Sometimes you don‘t believe it, because of all the bullshit in the world and in your personal world.

But i tell you: You are the Master of your own Reality. You are the owner of your Reality. I want you to own your reality.

If you blame someone other you are giving away your own power.
Why would you do that?

Here at SelfMade Reality you get trained to see the magical connections between your inner world of thoughts, feelings and believes and your so called outer Reality.

I asked myself for over 20 years the question: „What the fuck actually IS reality?“ And i found profound answers. Are you ready to hear them? Are you ready to embrace you and yourself and your SelfMade Reality? You wanna leave the cage of your actual reality?

You may think „Wait? Do you say i created this trash in my life i have to deal with?“ Yes, i definitely say this. You attracted whatever is happening in your life, to let you GROW! Life and Reality always wants you to grow. If you don‘t grow with Life then you are for sure in BIG trouble! You can‘t stop yourself and if you fight growing you are fighting yourself.

You, Yourself, your inner vision of life and life is one big soup. Our modern world let‘s us believe that we are here and the other, them, they are there, but that simply is not true. We are all together in one boat. If too many trees on the planet are burned, than it does not matter, if you have 10 Millions or 10 Cents. We will all die by missing oxygen. We breath the same air. Science recognized that really everything in this world consists of only one element: Energy and a BIG portion of empty space.

So we are all the same and we are all in this illusion called life. We are one with life. I can proof it to you with your own life within half an hour of reality decoding. If you are ready to the magical connection from within directly into life, then first you will be much more relaxed. Imagine, if you could see for sure, that this life on this planet definetly is helping you, is empowering you by creating whatever is true in yourself in the outside world, so that you can see that it is true, what you believe. This means life does not supports only your conscious believes. Life creates everything, that is real inside of you. It shows you your unconscious beliefs. The things you believe internally without knowing. Life shows you what you belief. You don‘t have to meditate for years to see your unconsciousness. It is right in front of your eyes, if you really open them to really see.

Believe me: Life supports you. This is law.

Whatever you think persistently is really real for you and will be made really real in your real life.

Whatever you wish to think, but is not real in yourself, will NOT show up in your life, regardless how long you think about it.

You have to feel it in yourself as real.

THEN it will be getting really real in your real life.

Here at SelfMadeReality you can find all the tools and support you need to use reality creation consciously.

You create your reality anyways every day. Unconsciously. So, you can do it consciously the way you like it to go, to evolve and to grow. By doing that you will grow spiritually and emotionally and physically and mentally and fincancially and in all of your relationships. As Deepak Chopra calls this the the magic of synchro-destiny.

All the descriptions of the power of your mind and soul from a scientific side is an outside view of on reality, brain patterns and quantum-physics.

Here at SelfMade Reality you describe the power of the reality from within, constructed by your internal reality setup. I call it the magic world view. Because the reality is not separated from you, your life and your present moment. When you use this magic, you can‘t let a glas or a apple disappear or fly or some fancy stuff like that. You actually CAN change your reality by choice and this also includes the outer reality you definetly can‘t control. The reality constructed by your inner reality projector connects magically to life. Life and your reality become one and you become one with reality. You loose disconnection and find connection with life.

You see your whole reality as a film and you don‘t try to change the movie. You try to change the internal film role, the script of the life that unfolds before and with you. You write your life script consciously in cocreation with life. You create reality by the way you perceive reality and yourself inside that reality. You feel yourself and you adapt yourself to the reality inside and outside of you. You are the connection between both worlds.